Moody's Mega Math Challenge 2017 Wrap Report

I. Challenge Survey Results  

  1. Participating Students and the companion appendix
  2. Participating Coaches and the companion appendix
  3. Past Challenge Winners                          

II. Statistics

III. Press Releases and Announcements for Teams

IV. Halo Effect: Articles & Acknowledge of The Moody’s Foundation

V. Digital Communications Efforts

  1. Social media outreach
  2. Video Contest

VI. Anecdotal Information

VII. Judging System Evaluation and Progress

VIII. Resources Developed

  1. Math Modeling: Getting Started and Getting Technical – handbook pub date Dec 2017

IX. Challenge Documents and Key Collateral

  1. 2017 Problem: From Sea to Shinning Sea: Looking Ahead with the National Park Service
  2. 2017 Winning solutions
  3. Complete list of winning teams
  4. List of triage survivors by school
  5. Participating schools
  6. Registered schools
  7. Judging perspective
  8. Meet the Judges
  9. Judge Solicitation Flyer
  10. Problem Solicitation Flyer
  11. Team Presentations & Awards Ceremony program
  12. Presentations & Awards Ceremony Schedule – “Run of Show”
  13. Final Event Photo Gallery
  14. Sample certificate
  15. Photos of plaque and trophy
  16. SIAM News one-page ad plus AN16 program ad  
  17. SIAM News articles
    1. 7 Reasons to Use MATLAB for Moody’s Mega Math Challenge
    2. Illinois Students Named Champions in National M3 Challenge
  18. Fact sheet for media
  19. Sample poster
  20. Sample postcard
  21. Picture of t-shirt
  22. Picture of teacher gift
  23. M3 Challenge mechanical pencil and post-it notepad
  24. America’s Next Top Modeler ribbon
  25. Fact sheet for Moody’s staff
  26. Snapchat final event
    1. Filters
    2. Snapcode Info Sheets
    3. Snapcode Webpage 1: Networking with Moody's Professionals
    4. Snapcode Webpage 2: Meet the Final Event Presenters