Contact Us

Inquiries and requests for information may be sent to If you are already registered as a coach or student for the Challenge, please include your team ID # and the name of your high school in your inquiry.

Project managed by:

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
3600 Market Street, 6th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone 215-382-9800
Fax 215-525-2756

Project Director
Michelle Montgomery

Project Communications
Frank Kunkle

Project Media Inquiries
Becky Kerner


Special Instructions: Challenge Weekend ONLY

Check back soon for insturctions on technical support during Challenge weekend.

If you have problems uploading your solution paper due to the inclusion of graphics, data, or figures (or if the origin of the problem is unknown), you may email your complete paper PRIOR to the expiration of your Challenge time to Your team initial download time and time stamp of email receipt will be verified. Email submission of your paper should be a last resort only when attempts at upload have failed. Please do not upload and ALSO email your paper.

Note:  Calls made directly to members of the project management team during Challenge weekend will not be returned until the following week.

Note: emails will be answered in the order received and response may not be immediate.

Important disclaimer for teams from M3 Challenge HQ:
Moody’s Mega Math Challenge, SIAM, and The Moody’s Foundation are not responsible for local weather conditions, power or Internet outages, or any other situation or circumstance that would prevent a potential team from registering, or from fully participating in the Challenge, including, for example, by preventing the submission of a paper on their selected Challenge Day. No accommodations can be made for teams if such unfortunate circumstances were to occur during registration or at any time during the Challenge.