120 teams survive first round of judging in Moody's Mega Math Challenge 2011

120 teams survive first round of judging in Moody's Mega Math Challenge 2011

April 4, 2011

Over 80 professional applied mathematicians spent the last few weeks perusing more than 500 submissions from high school teams in M3 Challenge 2011. The first phase of judging is now complete and 120 teams have been selected to move into the next round. 

These teams remain contenders for team prizes between $1,000 and $20,000.

On March 5-6, 2011, 568 teams from high schools along the U.S. East Coast used mathematical modeling to determine the economic and hydrologic impact of long-term drought in the Colorado River Basin, while taking into account the political ramifications of water distribution to the basin states. View the problem here: 


Following three rounds of judging, scholarship prizes will be awarded to the best solution papers. 

The top six awards are as follows:

· M3 Challenge Champions (Summa Cum Laude Team Prize) = $20,000

· M3 Challenge Runner Up (Magna Cum Laude Team Prize) = $15,000

· M3 Challenge Third Place (Cum Laude Team Prize) = $10,000

· M3 Challenge Fourth Place (Meritorious Team Prize) = $7,500

· M3 Challenge Fifth Place (Exemplary Team Prize) = $5,000

· M3 Challenge Sixth Place (First Honorable Mention Team Prize) = $2,500

In addition, finalist and honorable mention team awards in amounts of $1,500 and $1,000 per team, respectively, may be awarded to outstanding submissions that are deemed worthy of recognition by the judges.

Did your high school make it in the first round? 

Check out the list of schools entering the second phase of judging here: 


Continue to check back here for results of the upcoming rounds. Teams will be notified of their results individually. 

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