Horizons math campers tackle recycling

Horizons math campers tackle recycling

June 13, 2013

Horizons program, a middle school math program for girls, has taken a page out of the M3 Challenge problem book. Literally.

The math camp, conducted by Clarkson University to encourage and motivate 7th- and 8th–grade female students to enhance and embrace their math and science skills, has chosen this year's M3 Challenge problem, "Waste Not, Want Not: Putting Recyclables in Their Place" as its engineering project.

The bright and talented middle school participants will tackle the problem as part of the Horizons II math and science program, which enables female students to utilize their strengths in STEM fields through positive, interactive and team-building experiences.

Clarkson University Professor Kathleen Fowler, who co-wrote the M3 Challenge problem, will speak to participants during the introduction of the project next month.

Horizons has encouraged female students to pursue mathematical and scientific problems and experiences both in and out of the classroom since 1988. Read more about the program here

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