MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge Adds Winning Alum to Problem Development Team

MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge Adds Winning Alum to Problem Development Team

Chris Musco brings first-hand experience, fresh perspective to prominent math competition

September 9, 2019

Philadelphia, PA - M3 Challenge is happy to welcome Dr. Chris Musco to its problem development committee (PDC). Chris joins the PDC as a permanent member after having assisted M3 Challenge in 2019 by reviewing problem ideas and judging submissions. Chris will be responsible for working with other PDC members to develop, write, and assess problems for future Challenges. An assistant professor of computer science and engineering in the Tandon School of Engineering at New York University, Chris holds a Ph.D. in computer science from MIT and a degree in applied mathematics from Yale University. He previously worked as a research instructor in Princeton University’s computer science department and was an engineer at Redfin.

Chris brings a unique perspective, having been involved in the Challenge as a student on a 2008 finalist team, and now as an accomplished professional in the applied mathematics community. 

“We are thrilled that Chris is joining our PDC to help develop big, open-ended, relevant, and interesting problems that are the hallmark of the Challenge,” says Michelle Montgomery, M3 Challenge Project Director. “Chris addressed the teams during the final event in New York City this past spring and discussed how M3 Challenge influenced his education and career trajectory, which is exactly what this program is all about. He is a true M3 Challenge success story.” 

M3 Challenge is an Internet-based applied math competition for high school juniors and seniors known for inspiring students to pursue STEM majors and careers since 2006. Working in teams of three to five, participants solve an open-ended, math-modeling problem focused on a realistic issue – in 14 hours. The problem is completely unknown to teams until they login and download it during Challenge weekend. 

The PDC was formed in 2012 to solicit and develop problem ideas. Its members since that time have been Dr. Karen Bliss, associate professor of applied mathematics at Virginia Military Institute; Dr. Ben Galluzzo, associate professor in the Institute for STEM Education at Clarkson University; and Dr. Katie Kavanagh, professor of mathematics and associate director of STEM education at Clarkson University. With the addition of Chris Musco, Karen Bliss will become chair of the committee.

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