High school students talk census at Lockheed Martin

High school students talk census at Lockheed Martin

June 2, 2010

Montgomery Blair students who took away the top prize at Moody's Mega Math (M3) Challenge know a thing or two about the US Census. The ripples from their papermaking recommendations to improve the census count have reached as far as Lockheed Martin. The technology corporation's census unit, which helped automate and capture data for the 2010 census, heard about the paper and invited the team to present their findings at the Census Bureau's Data Capture Center in Essex, MD last month. The students presented their Moody's paper to executives, engineers and programmers from Lockheed's census team. Arnold Jackson, Associate Director for Decennial Census at the bureau was in attendance as well, and offered to set up a subsequent meeting with Census Bureau Director Robert Groves. The team along with Coach David Stein was treated to a tour of the data collection center, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Coach Stein marveled at the "level of detail, coordination and mobilization" and described it as "an unbelievably amazing operation."

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