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Math comes in handy for answering questions about a variety of topics, from calculating the cost-effectiveness of fuel sources and determining the best regions to build high-speed rail to predicting the spread of disease and assessing roller coasters on the basis of their "thrill" factor. How does math do all that? That is the topic of a free handbook published by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM): "Math Modeling: Getting Started and Getting Solutions."

You can view or download the PDF for free, or order a print copy, which is available for $15 to cover the cost of printing and mailing. Please contact SIAM Customer Service at +1-215-382-9800 or toll-free 800-447-SIAM (US and Canada) to order a print copy of the handbook.

What is Math Modeling?

Math modeling is a process that uses mathematics to represent, analyze, make predictions or otherwise provide insight into real-world phenomena.

Used in a variety of scientific disciplines, models are abstractions of reality that respect reality, and can lead to scientific advances, be the foundation for new discoveries, and help leaders make informed decisions.

Getting Started with Math Modeling

Though this video may reference the previous sponsor (through 2017), the background information about the Challenge and the modeling process still apply! 


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Using any parts of this report and need to cite it? How to cite:
Math Modeling: Getting Started and Getting Solutions, K. M. Bliss, K. R. Fowler, and B. J. Galluzzo, SIAM, Philadelphia, 2014.  
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