Tips for Team Preparation

Tips for Team Preparation

January 15, 2015

The M3 Challenge registration deadline is about five weeks away, and the Challenge itself is right behind! Read on for tips to help you register and prepare. 

For those who have not yet registered or plan to register a second team, there is still time. Registration must be completed by each team’s teacher-coach at or before 4:00 p.m. in your local time on Friday, February 20, 2015.

Register now at /participate/ ( “register” link is in the top right of screen). 

Once you’ve registered, here are some tips for team preparation:

  1. Review the rules and guidelines – Do not skip this critical step which takes 10 minutes. Familiarize yourself with the solution paper guidelines and other rules at: /participate/eligibility-rules-guidelines .
  2. Engage in the newly offered Monthly Dialogue – Math modeling problems to get you started will be posted monthly. You can use the comments thread below the entry to report your own findings or ask questions that the problem author or others can respond to. The Monthly Dialogue is accessible from the homepage, and from this direct link: /monthly-dialogue/.
  3. Download the free handbook - Math Modeling: Getting Started and Getting Solutions – Receive great insight into the modeling process. The best part: it’s freely available to download or view online at /resources/modeling-handbook
  4. Check out the sample problems – A variety of math modeling problems, and all previous M3 Challenge problems and their winning solution papers, are available at: /problem/sampleProblems.php.
  5. Read the judge perspectives – Judge perspectives are documents that provide insight and reflection into what judges will be looking for in your solution paper. Judge perspectives from each challenge can be found at: /problem/judging/.
  6. Submit parental/guardian consent – Each student team member’s parent or guardian must login with the team credentials and electronically sign their consent. Please complete consents by Challenge weekend. Behind the login, the “Team Members” link to the right will take parents to the consent statement for their child.
  7. Pay attention to M3 Challenge emails – They contain important deadlines and information about the Challenge. It’s also advisable to approve and as senders so that messages from these addresses do not get caught in your spam filter.
  8. Plan your Challenge day – Decide in advance where your team will work and have a back-up location in case there is a glitch. Plan in advance for food, computer and Internet access, and anything else you and your teammates will need to stay on track and be successful!

Most importantly, enjoy the experience! The M3 Challenge is a unique competition designed to help you see how powerful applied mathematics can be. 

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