Data for 2021 Challenge

The following data are in a spreadsheet, with tabs marked accordingly. Find that spreadsheet here.

Data relevant to Question 1: 
[D1] Average bandwidth in the US and UK
[D2] Cost for Bandwidth (US, wired)
[D3] Cost for Bandwidth (UK, wired and wireless)
Data relevant to Question 2: 
[D4] Internet Media Consumption
[D5] Bandwidth requirements for various activities
[D6] Online education statistics
[D7] Work from home statistics
Data Relevant to Question 3:
[D8] There are sets of hypothetical population data and maps for three regions, Region A, B, and C, based loosely on data for three actual regions.
[D9] Mobile broadband frequency band characteristics.


Various organizations and agencies collect data on a regular basis. A small amount of data has been compiled and a link to an excel spreadsheet with multiple worksheets of data is provided and summarized above. You are not required to use this data; that is, you may choose to use none, some, or all of this data and/or any additional data sources you may identify while working on this problem. Data sets in the real world are often incomplete or contain holes. Be sure to cite all resources used.


If you are trying to use Excel or any other spreadsheet data in MATLAB, you can import the data by double-clicking the files in MATLAB’s “Current Folder” browser or use the Import Data Button at the top of the Toolstrip. Watch this quick MATLAB video tutorial about importing spreadsheet data. See how the MATLAB Import Tool was used in a previous year’s problem to import and analyze data.