Registration Checklist

  • Review the Eligibility requirements 

  • Your team's teacher-coach must complete the team's registration online, and will need:

    • High school name, full address, phone number
    • Teacher-coach's email address and a back-up email address
    • Minimum of three students, maximum of five, all from the same school
    • Full names of all students on the team
    • Each student's individual email address, gender, and grade
    • The coach will be asked during the registration process to certify that s/he and all student team members have read and understand the official Rules and Guidelines.
  • All members must verify the accuracy of the team data. Certificates are generated from the data exactly as it is entered at registration, or as revised by the deadline. Certificates will not be re-issued for mistakes that are overlooked.

  • Your team login credentials consist of a team ID # and password, which will be automatically generated and sent via a confirmation email message when the teacher-coach registers. Do NOT share your team ID # or password outside of your team. Every team's ID # and password are different, including two teams from the same school.

  • The team login credentials (ID # and password) are SHARED by all members of the team. Safeguard your login credentials, as they allow you to make changes to your team record, affirm parents’ consents, download the problem during Challenge weekend, upload your solution paper during your work time, and check the status of your paper after you submit.

  • Each student team member must have their parent or guardian login with the team credentials to electronically indicate their consent. All consents must be completed by Challenge weekend. Parents will also be asked to indicate ethnicity of the student at that time, for demographical records, though that is an optional response.

  • Teams may login to the M3 website to make changes to their registration information up until 11:59 p.m. EST on the Monday of Challenge weekend (Challenge Monday). This allows teams to verify that the team record accurately reflects who participated and allows adjusting for no-shows or last minute substitutions. If you miss this deadline, changes may be sent via email. All team data must be finalized by the Friday following Challenge weekend. Certificate accuracy is not guaranteed if the deadline is missed. Certificates will not be re-printed for teams who neglect to keep their team record accurate.

  • Teacher-coaches will be prompted to certify authenticity of their students’ work immediately after Challenge weekend, which will become available on the "Authenticate" page behind the team login.

  • Students who win scholarship prizes will be required to submit information about their chosen college in order to have their scholarship money released. For more information, see required Consents and Certifications within the Official Rules and Guidelines.

  • M3 Challenge will not accept late registrations under any circumstances. 

To guard against the possibility of interruptions in Internet service, school closings due to weather or any other extraneous situation, we recommend that teams complete the registration process well in advance of the deadline.

Important disclaimer for teams from M3 Challenge HQ
MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge, SIAM, and The MathWorks are not responsible for local weather conditions, power or Internet outages, or any other situation or circumstance that would prevent a potential team from registering, or from fully participating in the Challenge, including, for example, by preventing the submission of a paper during their selected Challenge work time. No accommodations can be made for teams if such unfortunate circumstances were to occur during registration or at any time during the Challenge.


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