Access Software

Software and Licenses

If you plan to use software as you prepare your solution, it is recommended that you become familiar with it well ahead of Challenge weekend.

Free software is offered to you from the following organizations:

  • MATLAB by MathWorks (Teams can request software access from the MathWorks site during the Challenge year.)
  • Wolfram Research (Free licenses offered to registered teams only. Once you register and have login credentials, you can access license information from Wolfram.)

SOFTWARE DEADLINE: The deadline to request MATLAB or Wolfram|One for M3 Challenge is February 17, 2023. Please note that requests may take up to one week to process.

An alternative way to get MATLAB  is to download a 30-day trial of the software from the link below and select the “Data Analytics” package: Free MATLAB Trial. This may take a while to download. If you are not familiar with MATLAB already, downloading it during your 14-hour work time may not allow enough time to familiarize yourself with it and effectively use it.

It can take about 24 hours from when you create your MathWorks account to receive the free trial. If after 24 hours you still don’t see the free trial, please email [email protected]. It is not recommended to request the free trial less than two days before you begin your work time during Challenge weekend, in case the free trial does not arrive in time.

Use of any technical computing software is not required and will in no way influence judging or selection of winners in the Challenge. See sample score guide to see what judges want to see. Use of any technical computing software or coding will make your team eligible for the extra ancillary Technical Computing Scholarship Award.