MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge

What is M3 Challenge?

MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge (M3 Challenge) is a free contest for high school juniors and seniors in the U.S. and sixth form students in England and Wales. The Challenge is entirely Internet-based with no registration or participation fees. Scholarships totaling $100,000 (>£75,000) are awarded annually.

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Who is Eligible?

High school juniors and seniors in the U.S. and sixth form students (age 16-19) in England and Wales may form and enter up to two teams of three to five students and one teacher-coach each per school. Homeschool and cyberschool students in those areas are also eligible.

The 2022 Problem

Remote Work: Fad or Future

Decisions about the use and impacts of working remotely, both on a micro and a macro level, could affect many sectors including government agencies, industry structures, real estate values, the environment, population densities and even career choices. Providing insight to make these important decisions using quantitative analysis of some of the variables is valuable. What percent of jobs are remote-ready? Of the jobs that are remote-ready, can we predict whether individual workers will be permitted to work remotely, and who will choose to do so? For a given city or metro area, can we predict the percentage of workers who will go remote? These issues and questions were all part of this year’s MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge.

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