M3 Challenge

What is the M3 Challenge?

Moody's Mega Math Challenge is a mathematical modeling contest for high school juniors and seniors. Through participation, students gain the experience of working in teams to tackle a real-world problem under time and resource constraints akin to those faced by industrial applied mathematicians. The Challenge is sponsored by The Moody's Foundation and organized by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) and awards $150,000 in scholarships. The M3 Challenge spotlights applied mathematics as a powerful problem-solving tool, and as a viable and exciting profession.

Who is Eligible?

11th and 12th graders from anywhere in the United States, including territories and DoDEA schools. Homeschool and cyberschool students are eligible. Teams must be comprised of three to five students and one teacher-coach and a maximum of two teams per high school may register.

The 2016 Problem

Share and (Car) Share Alike: Modeling New Approaches to Mobility

Students used mathematical models to categorize car usage habits of U.S. drivers and evaluate car-sharing business options to suggest an option that would garner the most participation in a given city. Finally, teams considered emerging technologies, like self-driving cars and alternative energy.

Want to See More Problems?

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