Teaching Math Modeling

No matter how you like to learn and teach math modeling, we have tools to help you bring math modeling to your classroom.

Book cover of the GAIMME report.

Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Mathematical Modeling Education (GAIMME) enables the modeling process to be understood and taught as a basic tool for problem solving and logical thinking.


  • What is Mathematical Modeling?
  • Early Grades (K-8)
  • High School (9–12)
  • Undergraduate
  • Resources

Includes: Example problems and solutions; levels of sophistication; discussion of teacher implementation; suggestions for assessment.

Printed, bound and in color, from the SIAM Bookstore ($20)

Using any parts of this handbook and need to cite it? How to cite:

GAIMME: Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Mathematical Modeling Education, Second Edition, Sol Garfunkel and Michelle Montgomery, editors, COMAP and SIAM, Philadelphia, 2019.

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Video Series

How can teachers bring math modeling to their classrooms?

We featured a workshop helping K-12 teachers answer that important question. This video series (videos run 7 to 9 minutes each) highlights the workshop and will be a valuable resource as you work to make the math in YOUR classroom more applied.