Learn Technical Computing

What is Technical Computing?

Technical Computing is the application of mathematical and computational principles to solve practical real-world problems.

What is MATLAB?

MATLAB is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numeric computation. Millions of engineers and scientists rely on MATLAB to take on real world problems and challenges.

How can MATLAB help in the Challenge?

MATLAB can help your team be more effective and save time during the challenge, by providing key insight into data and help derive models and results. Read the blog to see an example solution to the 2018 Challenge problem “Better ATE than never: Reducing wasted food”. The blog shows how you can use MATLAB to:

  • Import and analyze data
  • Develop mathematical models
  • Visualize data
  • Help derive and share results

How can teams get access to MATLAB?

Coaches/team leaders can request free software for their team here. It’s that easy but be sure to request the software in advance so you have time to check out the resources below and get familiar with MATLAB, before the Challenge weekend. With your free software you will also receive access to MATLAB Online, which allows you to use MATLAB directly in your web browser without having to install the product.

How can teams get started with MATLAB?

Follow the Get Started with MATLAB Guide to learn how to access MATLAB, learn how to code through free resources, and more! Access the guide here.

What is the Technical Computing Award?

If your team decides to use a programming platform other than spreadsheets, you could be eligible for the M3 Technical Computing Scholarship Award.

How can I teach with MATLAB and Simulink?

10 Tasks on Math Modeling Course 

This curriculum is a collection of 10 mathematics tasks designed for students in Years 10-12. Tasks start with a background story to introduce the problem. Examples include analyzing the perfect basketball shot, cracking secret messages, and helping stranded astronauts back home! Learn more.

MATLAB for Primary and Secondary Schools

Explore high school MATLAB and Simulink courseware in engineering, mathematics, programming, and robotics. Discover here.

Brush Up On MATLAB Skills

Are you new to MATLAB or just want to want to brush up your MATLAB skills to prepare for M3 Challenge? Participate in the M3 Cody Challenge, a game that helps sharpen your programming skills by solving problems and interacting with other members of the MATLAB community. Solve the problem group for a chance to win prizes! Participate in the challenge here.