What is Math Modeling Video Series

M3 Challenge provides a seven-part video series called "Math Modeling: Getting Started and Getting Solutions" --- a how-to video guide providing an instructional treatment of the math modeling process. The videos feature students working through each of the seven components of the modeling process, and explain each activity along the way. Note that these videos occassionally reference the previous sponsor (through 2017).

Check out the trailer to learn more about the video series! The seven full episodes follow the trailer.



Part 1: What is Mathematical Modeling?


Part 2: Defining the Problem



 Part 3: Making Assumptions


Part 4: Defining Variables


Part 5: Getting a Solution


Part 6: Analysis


Part 7: Reporting the Results



Each two or three-minute video includes footage of students working through one of the seven components of the modeling process:

-        Introduction to Math Modeling

-        Defining the Problem

-        Making Assumptions

-        Defining Variables

-        Getting a Solution

-        Analysis & Model Assessment

-        Reporting the Results

Though this video series may reference the previous sponsor (through 2017), the information about the Challenge and the modeling process still apply!


For teams wishing to use technical computing, specifically MATLAB, see a solution example using MATLAB to solve the latest M3 Problem.