Teaching Math Modeling Video Series

Educators are interested in bringing math modeling into their classrooms but aren't sure where to start. That's why the Challenge launched this 3-part video series, a guide for teachers on how to make the math in their classroom more applied! Students may also benefit from watching these lively, instructional clips.

The series was filmed at a teacher workshop during the 2016 SIAM Conference on Applied Mathematics Education, helping (mostly high school) teachers answer important questions - how can I bring math modeling into my classroom and what are some good ways to get started? 

If you are interested in teaching math modeling, these three videos, each 7-9 minutes long, lay the groundwork for how to introduce these concepts to your students. The Teaching Math Modeling Video Series includes: "An Introduction," "The Process," and "An introductory Exercise." 

Though this video series may reference the previous sponsor (through 2017), the information about the Challenge and teaching the modeling process still apply!

Teaching Math Modeling: An Introduction


Teaching Math Modeling: The Process


Teaching Math Modeling: An Introductory Exercise