Teaching Math Modeling Video Series

Educators are interested in bringing math modeling into their classrooms but aren't sure where to start. That's why the Challenge launched this 3-part video series, a guide for teachers on how to make the math in their classroom more applied! Students may also benefit from watching these lively, instructional clips.

The series was filmed at a teacher workshop during the 2016 SIAM Conference on Applied Mathematics Education, helping (mostly high school) teachers answer important questions - how can I bring math modeling into my classroom and what are some good ways to get started? 

If you are interested in teaching math modeling, these three videos, each 7-9 minutes long, lay the groundwork for how to introduce these concepts to your students. The Teaching Math Modeling Video Series includes: "An Introduction," "The Process," and "An introductory Exercise."


Teaching Math Modeling: An Introduction


Teaching Math Modeling: The Process


Teaching Math Modeling: An Introductory Exercise