The Challenge

Paper do’s and don’ts

Though this video references the previous sponsor (through 2017), all of the paper "do's and don'ts" still apply. Give it a view for some good advice!



M3 Challenge is unlike any other high school math competition! It is a math modeling contest that will push you to the limits of what you know about math and test your ability to work as a team and under strict time restraints. This contest gives you the unique opportunity to work on a real problem using each of your team member’s individual math toolkits, as well as problem solving and critical thinking. Teams are presented with  a previously unknown problem scenario, and should work together, using the math modeling process to represent, analyze, make predictions and otherwise provide insight into that real-world phenomena and the posed problem’s questions.
And, to level the playing field as much as possible, everything you need to get started and be successful is online and free! While the process for selecting winners is rigorous and intense, there are 35-40 team scholarship prizes and great recognition for solid efforts. Learn more about all aspects of the M3 Challenge via the tabs on this page.