Selecting the Winners

M3 Judges decide which teams receive a share of up to $150,000 in scholarship prizes. After the close of Challenge weekend, applied mathematicians serving as triage judges read and score each solution paper according to the competition guidelines to identify the best submissions. Each paper is read by a minimum of two, and as many as five triage judges. During the second round of judging, a smaller panel serving as contention judges extensively reads and discusses the remaining papers to select papers worthy of receiving semi-finalist and honorable mention awards, and tentatively ranks the top six finalist teams. During these first two rounds, all solution papers are judged blind, meaning that judges only see the team ID #. Solution papers with identifying marks, such as school name, student names, etc., other than the team ID # are disqualified from top prizes.

The third and final phase of judging involves presentations by the six finalist teams at Moody's Corporation headquarters in Manhattan. A panel of Ph.D.-level professional mathematicians confirms the Champ, runner up, third place winner of these top six teams, also resulting in three teams with “Finalist” distinction. Team scholarship prizes of $5,000 to $20,000 are presented at the awards ceremony that follows.

Presentations by entire teams are a requirement for winning one of the top six prizes. Teams that are unable to present their papers or are unable to have all members present for the final event, are not eligible for one of the top six prizes. Exceptions may be made for medically-documented reasons, but are at the discretion of the organizers. An awards ceremony will immediately follow the presentations. Typically this will be on a Monday in late April (check Important Dates page).

The top six teams will receive funds to help pay for travel and related expenses incurred to get to and from the final event. For more information, see the M3 Challenge Team Travel and Expense Reimbursements Guidelines.

Individualized commentary will be provided to all teams regardless of ranking when available. While commentary cannot be required, judges are strongly encouraged to provide feedback during the judging process. If comments were written for a given solution paper, those comments are emailed to the team’s coach. 

As part of the Challenge’s educational process, a "judge perspective" document is prepared each year by one of the participating judges following the second round of judging. Its purpose is to help teams better understand what makes some papers more successful than others, with regard to that year's problem and the approaches that teams took in tackling it. The judge perspective might also contain insight regarding what the judges felt made for an outstanding paper.

Meet the Judges


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Professionals who have judged

Todd Abel, Appalachian State University
Donald Adongo, Murray State University
Joe Ahlquist, Florida State University
John Alerding III, Virginia Military Institut
Robert Allen, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
Leyda Almodovar, University of Iowa
Ahmad Almomani, Clarkson University
Stavroula Androulakakis , University of Akron
Adam Attarian, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Homer Austin, Salisbury University
Jathan Austin, Salisbury University
Mallick Avishek, Marshall University
Nathan Axvig
Jeffrey Baggett, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Nate Barlow, Clarkson University
Jeremiah Bartz, Francis Marion University
Bill Bauldry, Appalachian State University
Jon Beal, Clarion State University
Matthew  Beauregard, Clarkson University
Al Beebe, Salisbury University
Amanda Beecher, Ramapo College
Luke Bennett, Grand View University
Barbara Bennie, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Katie Benson, Westminster College
Mingfei Li , Bentley University
Joanna Bieri, University of Redlands
Mariah Birgen, Wartburg College
Kelly Black, Clarkson University
Karen Bliss, Quinnipiac University
Steve Blumsack, Florida State University
Karen Bolinger, Clarion University
Mark Bollman, Albion College
Jeff Borggaard, Virginia Tech
Carol Boswell, SUNY Potsdam
Christos Boutsidis, IBM
Angela Brown, Virginia Tech
Lingguo Bu, Florida State University
J. Robert Buchanan, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Julian Buck, Francis Marion University
Rob Burks, Naval Postgraduate School
John Burns, Virginia Tech
Nebil Buyurgan, Quinnipiac University
Erin Byrne, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
William  Caldwell, University of North Florida in Jacksonville(emeritus)
Yanzhao Cao, Florida A&M University
David Carhart, Bentley University
Lori Carmack, Salisbury University
Nathan Carter, Bentley University
Jim Case, writer/consultant
Donald Cathcart, Salisbury University
Pannapa Changpetch, Bentley University
Song Chen, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
Carey Childers, Clarion State University
Peter Ciccarelli, Bentley University
Jesse Clark-Stone, SUNY Canton
Eugene Cliff, Virginia Tech
Kelly Cline, Carroll College
Nick Cogan, Florida State University
Randall Cone, Virginia Military Institute
Dan Connors, IBM
Paul Constantine, Colorado School of Mines
Geoff  Cox, Virginia Military Institute
Michelle Craddock, United States Military Academy
Amanda Croll, Concordia University Irvine
Susan Crook, Loras College
Jim Crowley, Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
Carolyn Cuff, Westminster College
Richard D. West, Francis Marion University
Jonas D’Andrea, Westminster College
John David, Virginia Military Institute
Louis Deaett, Quinnipiac University
Shubham Debnath, Winona State University
Joyati Debnath, Winona State University
Lee Dewald, Virginia Military Institute
Alfredo  Díaz , George Washington University
Danilo Diedrichs, Wheaton College
Maureen Doyle, Northern Kentucky University
Danel Draguljić, Franklin and Marshall
Christian Duncan, Quinnipiac University
Eric Eager, University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
Joe Eichholz, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Celil Ekici, University of Virgin Islands
Harold Ellingsen, SUNY Potsdam
Chris Elmer
Barbara Faires, Westminster College
Doug Faires, Youngstown State University
Tom Fitzkee, Francis Marion University
Joel Foisy , SUNY Potsdam
Pari Ford, University of Nebraska (Kearney)
Katie Fowler, Clarkson University
William  Fox, Naval Postgraduate School
Scott Fulton, Clarkson University
Ben Fusaro, Florida State University
Ben Galluzzo, Shippensburg University
John Geddes, Olin College
Jana Gevertz, The College of New Jersey
David Gibson, Valdosta State University
Adom Giffon, Clarkson University
Adam Gilbert, University of Rhode Island
Mark  Ginn, Appalachian State University
Christina Glenn, The University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Jennifer Gorman, Kutztown University
Patrick Gorman, Kutztown University
Nathan Gossett, Bethel University St. Paul
Jason Graham, University of Scranton
Kris Green, St John Fisher College
Steven Greenstein, Montclair State University
Donna Gresh, IBM
Alden Gross, Johns Hopkins
Yao Guanming, Clarkson University
Bruno Guerrieri, Florida A&M University
Trish Hammer, Hollins University
Steve Hammer, Virginia Western Community College
Pamela Harris, United States Military Academy
Greg  Hartman, Virginia Military Institute
John Heard, Clarion Stat Univ., PA
Noel Heitmann, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Meagan Herald, Virginia Military Institute
Terry Herdman, Virginia Tech
Edwin Herman, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Keith Hermiz, IBM
Sharon Hessney, Massachusetts Mathematics and Science Initiative
Steve Hetzler, Salisbury University
Dave Hipfel, Clarion State University
Timothy Hodges, University of Cincinnati
Doug Hoffman, Naugatuck Valley Community College
Veera Holdai, Salisbury University
Lisa Holden, Northern Kentucky University
Jill Dunham, Hood College
Rudy Horne, Florida State University
Jason Howell, Clarkson University
Wenjin Hu, MathWorks Inc.
Stanley Huddy, State University of New York at New Paltz
Robert Jaspersohn, Clarkson University
G. Jay Kerns, Youngstown State University
Jacqueline Jensen-Vallin, Lamar University
Sun Jie, Clarkson University
Michael A. Jones, American Math Society
Dan Joseph, Virginia Military Institute
Dhanuja  Kasturiratna , Northern Kentucky University
Ban Kawas, IBM
Dave Kennedy, Shippensburg University
Zack  Kenz, MIT Lincoln Labs
Alec Kercheval, Florida State University
Lucy Kerns, Youngstown State University
Salam Khan, Florida State University
Charles Kicey, Valdosta State University
Lucia Kimball, Bentley University
Monika Kiss, St Leo University
Bill Kolata, SIAM
Emek Kose, St Mary's College of Maryland
Victor Kostyuk, Reasoning Mind
Eric Landquist, Kutztown University
Ramoni Lasisi, Virginia Military Institute
Rachel Levy, Harvey Mudd College
Maeve Lewis McCarthy, Murray State University
Jessica Libertini, Univeristy of Rhode Island
Fei Liu, IBM
Mike Long, Howard Community College
Kathryn Lozo, Naugatuck Valley Community College
Yingdong  Lu, IBM
Kurt Ludwick, Salisbury University
Aaron Luttman, Clarkson University
Chris Lynch, Clarkson University
Gail Mackin, Northern Kentucky University
Dana Madison, Clarion University
Blair Madore, SUNY Potsdam
Lisa Maggiore, Appalachian State University
Lee  Mahavier-Peterman ,
Yuri Malitsky, IBM
Joe Malkevitch, York College, The City University of New York
Rich Marchand, Slippery Rock University
Carla Martin, James Madison University
Ian Martines, St Mary's University, Texas|
Katie Mawhinney, Appalachian State University
Patrick  McCray, Illinois Institute of Tehcnology
Tim McDevitt, Elizabethtown College
Bill McKenna
Luis Melara, Shippensburg University
Timothy Melvin, Carroll College
Mike Mesterton-Gibbons, Florida State University
Walter Meyer, Adelphi University
Greta Mills, Hanover Norwich Schools
Munevver Mine Subasi, Florida Institute of Technology
Lon  Mitchell, AMS
Mohammed Moazzam, Salisbury University
Darin Mohr, Georgia College
Sumona Mondal, Clarkson University
Sara Morrison, Clarkson University
Shubhabrata Mukherjee, University of Washington
Kevin Murphy, St. Norbert's College
Matthew Nabity, Western Oregon University
Carmeliza Navasca, Clarkson University
Cornelius Nelan, Quinnipiac University
Moon Nguyen, Youngstown State University
Neil Nicholoson, North Central College
Warren Nichols, Florida State University
Takashi Nishikawa , Clarkson University
Joseph Nolan, Northern Kentucky University
Tomasz Nowicki, IBM
Giray Okten, Florida State University
Suleyman Olgar, Florida State University
Dave Olwell, Naval Postgraduate School
David Oury, Bentley University
Warren Page, editor & consultant, City University of New York (Emeritus, NYCT)
Trina Palmer, Appalachian State University
Stephen Pankavich, Colorado School of Mines
Steve Paris, Florida State University
David Parker, Salisbury University
Rana Parshad, Clarkson University
James Peirce, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
Marek Petrik, IBM
Jack Picciuto, IT Cadre
Candice Price, University of Iowa
Alicia Prieto Langarica, Youngstown University
Harold Reiter, UNC-Charlotte
K. Renee Fister, Murray State University
Greg  Rhoads, Appalachian State University
Catherine Ricardo, Iona College
Henry Ricardo, Medgar Evers College, City University of New York (retired)
James Ricci, Wesleyan University
David Roach, Murray State University
Adam Roberts, Clarion State Univ., PA
Kevin Robinson, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Andrew Ross, Eastern Michigan University
Kim Roth, Juniata College
Nathaniel Rounds, Reasoning Mind
Sanford Safron, Florida State University
René Salinas, Appalachian State University
Tracie Salinas, Appalachian State University
Keegan Samuel, Naugatuck Valley Community College
Phillip Schmidt, Northern Kentucky University
Robert Schoen, Florida State University
Delray Schultz, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Lee Seitelman, United Technologies (retired)
Alla Serikova, Naugatuck Valley Community College
Kathleen Shannon, Salisbury University
Zhoude Shao, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Brittany Shelton, Albright
Daniel Showalter, Ohio University
Michael Siebold, Murray State University
Troy Siemers, Virginia Military Institute
Joseph Skufca, Clarkson University
Scott Small, University of Iowa
Robert Smith, Miami University
Tom Smotzer, Youngstown University
Guohui Song, Clarkson University
David Sprecher, The University of California, Santa Barbara
Sonya Stephens, Florida State University
Melissa Stoner, Salisbury University
Ersoy Subasi, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Harry Suber, NorthCoast Asset Management
Eric Sullivan, Carroll College
Jie Sun, Clarkson University
Shantanu Sur, Northwestern University
Christino Tamon, Clarkson University
Nessy Tania, Smith College
Robert Tardiff, Salisbury University
Justin Taylor, Murray State University
Paul Taylor, Shippensburg University
Rob  Thompson, Harvey Mudd College
Chris Tuccio, Naugatuck Valley Community College
Robert Vallin, Lamar University
Shaun Van Ault, Valdosta State University
Marie Vanisko, Carroll College
Joel Vaughan, Quinnipiac University
Murphy Waggoner, Simpson College
Chai Wah Wu, IBM
Barbara Wainwright, Salisbury University
Tom Wakefield, Youngstown State University
Janet Wampler, Naugatuck Valley Community College
Geroges Weatherly, Florida State University
Ben Wehrung, Jacksonville University
Nate Weigel, Appalachian State University
Theodore Wendt, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
J. Patrick Wilber, University of Akron
Samuel Wilcock, Messiah College
Bill Wilhelm, Messiah College
Steve Wilkinson, Northern Kentucky University
Roselyn Williams, Florida A&M University
Jessica Williams, University of Iowa
Jennnifer Wilson, Eugene Lang College the New School for Liberal Arts
Roseanne Wolf, The University of Dubuque
George Yates, Youngstown State University
Carl Yerger, Davidson College
Kamuela Yong, Arizona State University
Abdulkeni Zekeria, Fitchburg State College
Lizette Zietsman, Virginia Tech
Anastasios Zouzias, IBM Research Division- Zurich Research Laboratory
Janet Zupkus, Naugatuck Valley Community College