M3 Challenge Branding and Collateral

Logos, Slides, and Art Files


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Download: PNG  |  JPEG


Download MathWorks Logos


Download SIAM Logos  




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Download: PNG           Download: PNG 

Download: 8.5" x 11" Poster - US

Download: A4 Poster - UK


M3 Challenge 2022 Poster Kit

Below are links to download shareable M3 Challenge assets that can be used to display in your classroom or pass along to colleagues and students. 

Download (.zip) all the documents here.

1) M3 Challenge 2023 Poster:

2) M3 Challenge Poster Cover Letter:

3) M3 Challenge "Prepare to Model" Resource Flyer

4) Road to Success and Shortcut to Success – Preparation flyer

5) MathWorks MATLAB Flyer


Download this flyer.         Download this flyer.
Download this flyer.         Download this flyer.