Complete Rules and Guidelines

  • Challenge weekend 2016 is February 27 at 12:00 a.m. to February 28 at 11:59 p.m. EST – please make sure you are converting your local time to EST to plan your work time.

  • During Challenge weekend, once any member of your team (coach or student)  downloads the problem, your team has exactly 14 continuous hours to submit a solution – this is a firm deadline and the clock cannot be paused. You should download the problem with at least 14 hours before the firm end of Challenge weekend in order to have use of the full 14 hours allowed.

  • Team members may not discuss any aspect of the problem with, nor seek help from via any means or method, the coach or anyone other than their teammates on Challenge day. Any attempts to get help from human sources–in person or via any medium–will result in disqualification. This includes attempts to seek assistance through interactive “help” websites or social media. Monitoring of the Internet is continual during Challenge weekend and violators will be disqualified. Seeking assistance outside of the team grossly violates the spirit of the Challenge.

  • Teams may identify themselves with their team number ONLY. Having any other identifying information included will exclude the team from possible Finalist status.

  • A team may use computers, software packages, books, reference works, or any other inanimate sources, all of which must be properly referenced within the solution paper. 

  • Teams can work from any location they choose.

  • Teams should act with integrity. Unethical or disrespectful submissions will be flagged for follow-up. Coaches must impress upon all team members the need for honesty and integrity. In addition to disqualification, a letter of admonition will be sent to the principal and the coach of any school whose students are involved in unethical or disrespectful submissions.

  • All decisions made by the judges are final and are not subject to challenge or appeal. There is no passing score and numerical scores will not be assigned.

  • The team’s complete entry and solution paper will not be returned to the coach or team members and will become the sole and confidential property of Moody's and SIAM. The coach and team members agree to permit Moody's and SIAM to use any information contained in our team’s entry for publicity purposes in any media.

  • It is the sole responsibility of the individual schools to (a) provide any specialized staff or assistance for team members with special needs to participate as required by law and (b) provide and be responsible for any transportation of the team members to Challenge events. Neither SIAM nor Moody's is responsible for any risk, injury, or damage related in any way to any student's or team's participation in the Challenge.

  • By registering, you agree to receive the important emails from Moody’s Mega Math Challenge via MailChimp, the email communication service used by the Challenge. Please whitelist in order to receive these emails.

  • The top six Finalist teams in the Challenge will be invited to Moody’s Corporation headquarters in Manhattan to present their papers for the final confirmation phase of judging (see “Important Dates”). Presentations by entire teams are a requirement for winning one of the top six prizes. Teams that are unable to present their papers or are unable to have all members present for the final event, are not eligible for one of the Finalist prizes. Exceptions may be made for medically-documented reasons, but are at the discretion of the organizers.