2023: Year at a Glance

2023 Challenge Problem

Ride Like the Wind Without Getting Winded: The growth of E-Bike use

In many cases, e-bikes provide people with a fast, reliable transportation option that comes without the worry of timing public transit, the nuisance of parking, or the stress of traffic congestion. Policy makers are observing these changes with interest and wondering if e-bikes are likely to become part of a more sustainable energy plan by getting more cars off the roads.

For this year’s MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge problem, we asked teams to consider the factors leading to the growth of e-bike sales and the long-term impact on carbon emissions, traffic congestion, health and wellness, and more.

M3 Challenge 2023 Champion

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Team #16401), Alexandria, Virginia

Coach: Quinn McFee

Students: Rishabh Chhabra, Om Gole, Rishabh Prabhu, Jerry Sheng, Laura Zhang

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