2016: Winning Solutions

Winning Solutions 2016

Winning solutions to the 2016 Challenge Problem! The top six finalist papers are shared here, as well as a selection of papers that earned honorable mentioned distinction with comments from judges added directly into the file.

Honorable Mention – Selected Papers

With judge comments throughout for training and preparation of future teams​

M3 Challenge Honorable Mention, $1,000 Team Prize
Evanston Township High School (Team # 6898)

M3 Challenge Honorable Mention, $1,000 Team Prize
Lake Zurich Senior High School (Team # 6996)


M3 Challenge Champions, $20,000 Team Prize
Saint John’s School (Team # 6811), Houston, Texas
Coach: Dwight Raulston
Students: Margaret Trautner, Eric Gao, Anirudh Suresh, Daniel Shebib, Nancy Cheng

M3 Challenge First Runner Up, $15,000 Team Prize
Carmel High School (Team # 7733), Carmel, Indiana
Coach: Peter Beck
Students: Simon Langowski, Miles Dai, Joseph Philleo, Tiger Huang

M3 Challenge Third Place, $10,000 Team Prize
Governor Livingston High School (Team # 7497), Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
Coach: Steven Hess
Students: Niyant Narang, Gianna Miggins, Michael Wu, Anna Song, Alexander Ju

M3 Challenge Finalist, $5,000 Team Prize
La Salle Academy (Team #6617), Providence, Rhode Island
Coach: Michael McNamara
Students: Allison, Paul, Joshua Reno, Eileen Phou, Audrey Cryan, Eric Salisbury

M3 Challenge Finalist, $5,000 Team Prize
Montgomery Blair High School (Team # 7138), Silver Spring, Maryland
Coach: William Rose
Students: Raymond, Lin, Ethan Holland, Victoria Tsai, Jamie Vinson, Eshan Tewari

M3 Challenge Finalist, $5,000 Team Prize
NC School of Science and Mathematics (Team # 7412), Durham, North Carolina
Coach: Dan Teague
Students: Simon Marland, Vinit Ranjan, Katherine, Yang, Sunwoo Yim, Kelly Zhang